Giardia is a jazz/metal/noise trio from Denver Colorado consisting of: Cody McAndrew on keys, synth, guitar, and vocals; Pavlo Krokidis on bass; John Willis on drums. 


"Giardia, which takes a few cues from Mr. Bungle and John Zorn’s Naked City, might run through three or four genres within a song..."  -- Jon Solomon, The Westword 

"...FARM is what is says it is and cleverly intertwines all kinds of audible treats into one neat little package." -- The Rooster Magazine 

"...There's screaming, singing, metal riffing, hardcore, noise rock, wall of noice, distortion, jazz swing, prog and more. It is woven together like a tapestry, actually, a quilt: At times it seems like a collage of disparate sounds, at other times it progresses in more of a "Traditional" manner..." -- Issues Magazine by Commodity Fetish Records

"...Giardia meld jazz, doom and black metal into an eclectic and hallucinogenic bombardment of sound on their new full-length, FARM. 

For 43 straight minutes these Denver experimenters take listeners through a wacky and sometimes nightmarish carnival funhouse that is full of surprising sonic left turns and brazen displays of virtuosity and eccentricity. The twinkling, noir jazz intro that brings the record to life lulls the listener into a false sense of security and doesn’t prepare them for the weirdness to come. What follows comes across as a colorful collision between Jaga Jazzist, Darkthrone, Genghis Tron, Primus, and a whole lot of drugs..." -- Lane Oliver, Svbterranean 

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