Giardia is a jazz/metal/noise trio from Denver Colorado consisting of: Cody McAndrew on keys, synth, guitar, and vocals; Josh Loun on bass and vocals; John Willis on drums. 


"Giardia, which takes a few cues from Mr. Bungle and John Zorn’s Naked City, might run through three or four genres within a song..."  -- Jon Solomon, The Westword 

"...FARM is what is says it is and cleverly intertwines all kinds of audible treats into one neat little package." -- The Rooster Magazine 

"...There's screaming, singing, metal riffing, hardcore, noise rock, wall of noice, distortion, jazz swing, prog and more. It is woven together like a tapestry, actually, a quilt: At times it seems like a collage of disparate sounds, at other times it progresses in more of a "Traditional" manner..." -- Issues Magazine by Commodity Fetish Records

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